Save Corks ... Save The Earth


We collected a lot of corks - 7,030 to be exact

Supporting Forest and Ocean Conservation

Our Save Corks ... Save The Earth summer project has come to a close and was a huge success!  We are shipping 7,030 wine corks (that's over 75 pounds!) to CorkClub at WidgetCo, who donate to forest and ocean conservation for each natural wine cork received and recycle the synthetic corks.

Although our club PROJECT is OVER ... We encourage you to help the earth by RECYCLING CORKS yourself. Check with the store you buy your wine from, to see if they recycle corks.

Total Wine & More® recycles used corks.  At the Bayshore store, there is a box to collect your corks right by the entrance/exit.

Thank you to everyone who helped execute the project.  Special thanks to the local businesses willing to save corks for us in support of this effort, including: