Save Corks ... Save The Earth

Help protect our oceans and forests

A new summer project is underway for the GFWC Brown Deer Junior Woman's Club! We will collect and ship wine corks to CorkClub & WidgetCo ( who will donate to forest and ocean conservation for each natural wine cork received and recycle the synthetic corks.

Our club has identified a number of local businesses willing to save corks for us in support of this effort. Club members will regularly pick up corks and they will be shipped to CorkClub in five- to forty-pound loads. That's a lot of corks! You can track our progress below.

Some of the Save Corks ... Save The Earth participating locations:

  • Pastiche Bistro & Wine Bar, Brown Deer

  • Zi's Sports Pub and Eatery, Brown Deer

  • The Brick Pub & Grill, Glendale

  • Bavarian Bierhaus, Glendale

  • Bistro on the Glen, Glendale

  • Ernie's Wine Bar, Cedarburg

  • Chiseled Grape Winery, Cedarburg

We have already collected hundreds of corks from club members, friends and businesses. If you know of any businesses that may be interested, contact and we will get in touch with them.

TRACK OUR PROGRESS: How many corks have we collected?


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