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April 2021

Some of the "Capes for Kids" Makers with their capes

Capes for Kids is a project started by a woman in Michigan, Terry Grahl. Her mission is to bring light, hope and dignity back into the lives of women and children. She brings this vision into shelters to help women and children escaping domestic violence, sex trafficking and homelessness. The Capes for Kids goes to the children in these shelters because she wants children to know that they have it within themselves to be their own superhero. Children are transformed with a humble piece of material around their shoulders and tap into the power of imagination.


The Wisconsin State Director of Junior Clubs has asked each club to participate and to make as many capes as we have members.


Recently several BDJWC club members gathered to make the capes.  The end result was 30 capes which exceeds our 23 membership number! It was a fun evening of cutting, sewing and “socializing at a distance”!

Watch on YouTube!  Story featured on Positively Milwaukee on Sunday, June 6th, 2021.