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May 2021

Helen Mears District Contest Winners with their art teacher, Mr. House

GFWC Brown Deer Junior Woman’s Club congratulates a group of talented Brown Deer Middle School Students (and their art teacher, Christopher House) for their winning artwork at the Local, District, and State levels of the Helen Mears Art Contest sponsored each year by the Brown Deer Juniors.

Judging for the local competition was done in April, and local winners were entered in the District Competition on April 26th. The three winning District entries went on to the GFWC-WI State contest on May 14, 2021. Two Brown Deer students placed at this statewide competition. State Winning artwork will be on display through the summer at the Oshkosh Public Museum, the home of Helen Mears.


  • 8th Grader Marianna A. Taylor’s “Woman of Spring”, Acrylic Painting won 1st at Local, District and State.

  • 8th Grader John Northern’s “Solar Howl”, Digital Artwork won 1st at Local and District and 2nd at State.


  • 7th Grader, Mya Donnell’s “Cocoa Catastrophe”, Mixed Media Sculpture won 1st at Local and District.

  • 8th Grader, Bryce Irwin’s “Heart of Lion” Digital Artwork won 2nd at Local and Honorable Mention at District.

  • 7th Grader, Evelyn Schubert’s “The Hallway Ghost”, Drawing won 2nd at Local

  • 7th Grader, Rihanna Parker’s “Forky”, Digital Artwork won 3rd at Local

  • 8th Grader, Dejntshaiab Chang’s “Dog Two”, Digital Artwork won Honorable Mention at Local

  • 8th Grader, Kali Moglowsky’s “Low Poly Rabbit”, Digital Artwork won Honorable Mention at Local

Thank You to …

  • Mr. Christopher House, the Brown Deer Middle School teacher that supported his students during the pandemic and introduced “Digital Art” while teaching virtually.

  • The GFWC-WI Helen Farnsworth Mears Art Contest for adding “Digital Art” as a new category this year.

  • Our Brown Deer Middle School students that Succeed - even during a PANDEMIC!!

See the Helen Mears Art Contest page for a photo carousel of all contest winners and a You Tube video created by Mr. House about this year's contest.

We are looking forward to more great entries in the 2022 event. Congratulations!