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Hard Working ... and Adorable

October 2021

Visitors from Canine Companions at our October Meeting

At our October meeting, we had an enjoyable program with Canine Companions.   Catherine Rupp, volunteer puppy raiser since 2010, brought her nine-week old puppy-in-training, Oshi.  They were joined by Melanie, a young woman who recently received her service dog, two-year old Dasher, from the organization.

Canine Companions for Independence is a nationwide organization that provides service dogs to a variety of disabled individuals from children as young as five years old on up to adults.  GFWC has been a supporter of the organization since its inception in 1975. 

Catherine provided information about the organization, the types of people who are eligible to receive a service dog and about the puppy training process.  Melanie gave insight into her road to getting Dasher, the type of training she received, what Dasher helps her do and how she handles him in public.   Catherine and Melanie also answered many questions from our group about their experiences.

Best of all, everyone in attendance got the chance to hold Oshi!